Chivers Lalan (2007)

 Chivers is a beautiful 5 yr old mare by Up to Dtae x Indoctro. She 170cm high and fantastic to ride. She gives a great feeling to the rider. She not spooky yet careful in her jump. She has all the scope. I would have my daughters ride her if only they were older. She's from a great dam line of which 3 full kin run 150cm. Chivers is a more expensive horse.

  video Chivers Lalan

Sold Cruiser Lalan -Voltaire x Julio Mariner - 2007


Sold  Cruiser is a very well bred horse. His Family is crowded with great jumpers. His brothers a are all jumping at high level. On this website you will find Whizz, avalon and Zanuck. Cruiser is not an everybody's horse. Sometimes he has a bit of a mind of his own. Nothing mean, just clever. We think that with the right rider he might get far. He's already vetchecked (with x-rays) and perfectly sound.

Sold Ezrah lalan Up tot Date x Kojak 2009

 Sold Ezrah is a beautiful well composed mare from 2009. She is broken and well to ride. She's from the Imone mare line (check button breeding IMONE) which is very succesfull. Ezrah has a great and loving character. she is 168cm (16.2/16.3) high and will grow a bit more. She is a steal for  euro's.

 video Ezrah lalan

Sold Dexter Lalan (2008)

Sold Dexter Lalan is a 4 yr old gelding out of a good mare line. He''s about 164cm (16.1) high and dark brown. very nich front and a goodlooking face. We're working with him now so he will be sold broken. He learns fast and accepts the work well. The future owner might be surprised were he's going. 

 dexter lalan


Name: Zoi Lalan(T'helios x Contender)

Born: 2004

Height: 1.69 m

Gendert: mare

Level: jumps 120cm (has had a foal)

Specialties: bloodline Kalma, gm = sister to Aluna (nation cup, niels bruynseels), excellent jumper. Trained for top level.


Name: Zora Lalan(Quasimodo x Burggraaf)

Born: 2004

Height: 1.71 m

Level: jumps 120 cm

Gendert: mare

Specialties: bloodline AVONDROOD, great jumper, 

SOLD Avelon Lalan SOLD

 Name: Avelon  Lalan

Father: Burgraaf

Father of mother: Julio Mariner

Born: 2005

sex: Stallion

Color: Black

Height: 1.66 m

Level: jumps 110/120 cm

Specialties: Beautiful black stallion, jumps very well, from a very good breeding line. A ace for the future. Has a visible scar on the hind. Very easy to ride. Calm and steady horse.

SOLD Zanuck Lalan SOLD

Name: Zanuck  Lalan SOLD

Father: Cruising

Father of mother: Julio Mariner:

Born: 2004

sex: gelding

Color: grey

Height: 1.65 m

Level: jumps 120cm

Specialties: winner! great horse for ambitious young rider

Video: watch

ONLY INFO Achilles Lalan

Name: Achilles Lalan(guidam x Zeus)

Born: 2005

Color: chestnut

Height: 1.71 m

Gender: gelding

Specialties: jumps 110cm bloodline Marilla

Video: watch

SOLD Biko Lalan SOLD

Name: Biko Lalan(burggraaf x Julio MarinerXX)

Born: 2005

Color: grey

Height: 1.67 m

Gender: stallion

Specialties: top jumper, peak price, bloodline Imone

Video: watch

Alessi Lalan

Name: Alessi Lalan(LandorS x Contender x Papillion Rouge)

Born: 2005

Color: dark brown

Height: 1.62 m

Gender: mare

Specialties: bloodline Kalma, grandma is sister to Aluna (nation cup, niels bruynseels).

Video: watch

Ainetty Lalan SOLD

Name: Ainetty Lalan(Guidam x Amethist) SOLD

Born: 2005

Color: Fox

Height: 1.67 m

Gender: mare

Specialties: bloodline loma

Video: watch

Battimone Lalan SOLD

Name: Battimone Lalan(kojak x Forum)

Born: 2006

Height: 1.65 m

Gender: mare

Specialties: bloodline Imone

Byou Lalan SOLD

Name: Byou Lalan(hemmingway x Gaspari-holst-) SOLD

Color: Black

Born: 2006

Height: 1.67 m

Gender: mare

Specialties: holst. bloodline 242

SOLD Zeuranna Lalan

Name: Zeuranna Lalan(Zeus x Grannus)

Color: chestnut

Born: 1996

Height: 1.66 m

Gender: mare

Specialties: for breeding, full from Verdi


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